The Geek behind the Eye


Yep, I’m back to blogging here, and what better way to kick of my return than with a new look. Welcome, ladies and geeks to Geek Eye (formerly Geek eye for the Clueless Guy)!

This is the third iteration (or fourth? Can’t remember really) of my personal blog devoted to technology, gadgets, and life in the digital era in the Philippines. The first two were named, with the second iteration introducing the subtitle Geek Eye for the Clueless Guy.

oasis1 is my web alias, but my real-world counterpart is Allan David Reyes. I am an Education major who, in one way or another, wish to continue educating people even if it’s not confined within the boundaries of the four corners of a classroom.

I used to blog at Mobile PhilippinesPMP TodayCellphones Etc and still continue to contribute for Technoodling.

Aside from gadgets, I also love photography, good food, badminton, and when my finances allow me to do so, travel as well.

For your suggestions and request, you can send them to al.oasis1 [at]