Netlix now Available in the Philippines


The title pretty much says it all. Netflix is now finally available in the Philippines, giving other TV show/movie streaming services such as iFlix a run for their money. 

And as an added treat, Netlix their shows for free for almost an entire month. You still do need to register a credit card upon sign-up but don’t worry, as long as you cancel your membership before the one month period ends, won’t be charged a single centavo. Might forget? No worries. They’ll email you 3 days before your free-month ends to remind you.

As for the plans available, you’ve got three to choose from – the Basic (Php370/month), the Standard (Php460/month) and the Premium (Php550/month).


Again, no need to worry about the price right now since you get one month free. Just pick the plan you need.

Interested to give this a go?

Then head on over here to sign-up and start enjoying your favorite Netflix shows, documentaries and movies.



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