Modern Combat 5: Blackout out now on iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Get your fingers and your wallets ready as Gameloft has released their latest and most action-packed Modern Combat installment to date – Modern Combat 5: Blackout!

Here’s the official launch trailer to whet your gaming appetite:


iOS users can get it now at the App Store for $6.99 while Android users can pick up theirs at the Google Play Store for Php316.16. Windows Phone users, meanwhile, can cop theirs for just Php297 by hoping on over here.

Need more info?

Check out the full press release below:

Available to download now on App Store, Google Play, and Windows Stores

July 24th 2014 – The ultimate first-person-shooter series on smartphones and tablets is out now, setting a new benchmark for the FPS genre on mobile devices. Modern Combat 5: Blackout is available to download now from the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Stores.

The story begins in Venice as protagonist Phoenix is sent on a special operation to secure WMDs from a well-armed terrorist group. Through the course of the action, the plot then switches to Tokyo where Phoenix has to fight amidst total anarchy while trying to convince his allies to accept an uncomfortable secret. Navigate beautiful settings from both cities for an action-packed, thrilling ride.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout features a unified progression system which integrates single and multiplayer into one cohesive gaming experience. Each single player mission or multiplayer match will earn experience points that go towards levelling-up soldier class and mastering new weapons. The game offers four soldier classes which are playable across single and multiplayer: Assault, Sniper, Heavy and Recon.

Form squads with friends or other players and compete globally to test your individual and team skills in high powered 6 VS 6 multiplayer squad matches. Communicate with other players to plan your strategy using global and squad chat and call in military support using multiplayer military support packages each with cool abilities to bring waste to the battlefield.

If you’re looking for some alone time, the single player campaign features engaging, fast paced story missions and all new Spec-Ops missions. The Spec-Ops missions are short, fun and objective-driven: cover your allies, clear the room, eliminate the target, and much more. Single player campaign also introduces sniper bullet control, scanning drone, and revive.

Real-time shadows, ragdoll physics, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), soft particles and spherical harmonics are just some of the visual effects that make Modern Combat 5: Blackout a must-have for FPS fans this season.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is now available to download from the App Store, Google Play and Windows Stores.


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