Price Drop! 5th gen iPod touch now more affordable then ever, 16GB model gets upgraded


Here’s great news for you guys who’ve held off this long in getting a 5th gen iPod touch. It’s now more affordable than ever, and better, the 16GB iPod touch is now also up to par with the rest of its 4-inch iOS-powered siblings and available in all colors too. 

The only catch with the new 16GB iPod touch is the loop, which usually comes standard with the 5th gen iPod touch, is sold separately.

Now, on to the most important part – price.

Here’s how much the 5th gen iPod touch now costs:

  • 16GB iPod touch Php11,690 (from Php12,490)
  • 32GB iPod touch Php14,690 (from Php16,490)
  • 64GB iPod touch Php17,690 (from Php21,490)

Not bad, eh?

I’m not sure, though, if the new pricing and upgraded 16GB iPod touch are now available in local stores.

But I am sure that both are now available online via the Apple Philippine Online Store.

Check it out here.


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