WD My Cloud Review


With all the various Cloud solutions out right now – Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) just being some of the more popular ones – why get WD My Cloud?

WD My Cloud

Simple – it’s yours.

Not Google’s. Not Microsoft’s. Not Dropbox’s. The WD My Cloud is your Cloud, and nobody else’s.

In short, you won’t need to live by someone else’s rules.

WD My Cloud contents-GeekEye

Box contents: the WD My Cloud drive, an ethernet cable, power adapter

And since this one’s not readily accessible online to just anyone, it also won’t be an easy target for hackers.

WD My Cloud Dashboard (cloud access)-GeekEye

Add/remove cloud access per user

WD My Cloud Dashboard (users)-GeekEye

Grant access to people via the User page

Plus, you can limit access (i.e. read, write, cloud access) and require passwords for users for added security.

WD My Cloud Dashboard (safepoint)-GeekEye

Back up your My Cloud data with the help of Safepoint

And speaking of security, The WD My Cloud also comes with Safepoint, a nifty feature that allows you to take snapshots of your My Cloud’s current contents to be backed up.

You can do this manually or set it to auto mode, making it function like Apple’s Time Machine. You can then save the snapshot to another storage device in your network or to one directly attached to the My Cloud via the USB 3.0 port at the back.

WD My Cloud light on-GeekEye

Have it your way – LED status on or LED status off

WD My Cloud light off-GeekEye

“Nice, but Dropbox et. al. are free.”

True, but the those accounts only come with up to 25GB free cloud storage. For anything more, you’d need to pay a subscription. And as far as I know, aside from Dropbox, none of them, even through their business/pro plans, has 3TB of cloud storage to offer.

Do note, though, that the 3TB of cloud storage by the WD My Cloud does come at a hefty price. Php8990, to be exact.

Yep, it’s pricey alright, but that’s one time, big time. And if you do the math, that still comes out cheaper than 3 years of Dropbox for Business.

“It sounds perfect. Is there a catch?”

Sadly, there is.

WD My Cloud Dashboard (settings)-GeekEye

Edit away via the Settings page on the WD My Cloud dashboard

For starters, you can only edit its settings (i.e add users, restrict usage, etc) if you’re within the same network the WD My Cloud is connected to. So if you’re out on the road and suddenly need to add a co-worker or your brother/sister to the list of users who can upload pics and documents to your WD My Cloud at home, tough luck ’cause you won’t be able to do it. You’ll need someone at home to do it for you.

WD My Cloud Dashboard-GeekEye

The Dashboard is where everything happens. Unfortunately, you can’t access the Dashboard outside the network your My Cloud is attached to

And speaking of being on the road, the WD Photos app, which you’ll need to back up your snapshots to the WD My Cloud, doesn’t seem to perform quite as well as the Dropbox app.

Sure, its got auto photo upload and it does just that. It just doesn’t do it instantaneously. There’s a bit of a lag from the time you take a photo to the time it uploads. It’s not a big issue, but something I think you need to know. Dropbox, for me, wins in this category.

And downloading content from it isn’t any better too. Dropbox is still faster, in my experience.

Also, unlike WD’s other external desktop offerings, you can’t connect the WD My Cloud to your desktop or laptop via a USB cable. Since this one’s designed for cloud use, it only comes with an ethernet port and cable so you can hook this baby up to your router.

You can still, however, connect this directly to your rig via your computer’s ethernet port and it’ll show up. But for MacBook Air owners and the like, sorry, no can do since there’s no Ethernet port to speak of.

Oh, and before I forget, you must need Java 7 installed to use WD’s web portal – http://www.wd2go.com – to access your WD My Cloud from any computer. Not Java 8. Jave 7.

Again, not a big issue for the most part, but something you should know.

WD My Cloud back-GeekEye

Sorry, guys. That USB 3.0 port at the back doesn’t support printers

Now, for those of of you thinking of attaching a printer to the My Cloud via the USB 3.0 port at the back so you can enjoy some wireless printing action going, end it now! That USB port doesn’t support printers.

Last, but not the least, since the My Cloud will be housed at either your place or office, it will be prone to power outage or downtime when the internet’s down. So, compared to other online services, your My Cloud might not be readily available 24/7.

WD My Cloud glossy-GeekEye

Still glossy, but not as glossy as the My Book. Still not a fan, though

“So, to buy or not to buy?”

It really all depends on what you need. If you need a personal cloud storage solution, the WD My Cloud is as good as it gets. It’s got a ton of storage to offer, security features galore to keep your data safe and is quite easy to setup and use.

WD My Cloud-GeekEye

The WD My Cloud sitting (and blending nicely) next to the Apple Time Capsule and white DSL-WiFi router from Bayan

It’s expensive, though. Expensive enough to make you think twice before buying it.

If you can do without the cloud service, you can get a cheaper 3TB external HDD. But then again, if you really didn’t need a personal cloud storage solution, you wouldn’t be reading this now, would you?

So, what’ll it be for you guys – buy or not buy?

Me? I’d definitely love to own one, but sadly, it’s just way out of my budget.


  • Easy to setup and use
  • USB 3.0 port for additional storage
  • Safepoint for easy backing up of data


  • The ability to edit settings even if your outside your My Cloud’s network


  • Pricey
  • USB port doesn’t support printers





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