Airborne Technologies Power Banks: Portable power for your gadgets, Proudly Pinoy


Sick and tired of spending on cheap generic power banks that don’t last?

Airborne Technologies-GeekEye

I hear ‘yah, and so does Airborne Technologies, which is why they came up with their own line of power banks that not only come with the more than enough juice to keep your gadgets – be it a camera, phone or laptop – powered while on the go, but also comes with a reasonable price tag and a warranty too.

AT-140A Booster-GeekEye

The 14,000mAh AT-140A Booster can also double as a flash light

And it sure doesn’t hurt the proudly-pinoy company’s offerings look good too.

AT-112A Stone-GeekEye

Looks like a rock but isn’t – the AT-112A Stone power bank

The AT-112A Stone is a definite conversation piece, with it’s stone-like design, but the real nifty treat here is the AT-2401 Arsenal. This is the first power bank I’ve heard of that’s powerful enough to charge even your laptop. Nope, that’s no typo there. The Airborne Tech AT-2401Arsenal power bank CAN charge your laptop.

AT-2401 Arsenal-GeekEye

Meet the power bank for your laptop. Yes, you read that right – for your laptop.

For MacBook users, Airborne Tech is also selling Magsafe cables for use with this bad boy for Php1,200 a piece.

AT-525 Cube-GeekEye

The AT-525 Cube features an 8,400mAh battery, an illuminating logo and a digital LED battery capacity indicator


AT-100A Revive-GeekEye

The classy AT-100A Revive

Check out the pricing of their products below:

  • AT-5001 Slim (5,300mAh) Php1,680
  • AT-525 Cube (8,400mAh ) Php2,490
  • AT-112A Stone (11,200mAh) Php2,650
  • AT-140A Booster (14,000mAh) Php2,999
  • AT-100A Revive (10,00mAh) Php2,999
  • AT-168 Hype (16,800mAh) Php3,590
  • AT-1203 Executive (12,000mAh) Php3,700
  • AT-2401 Arsenal (24,000mAh) Php9,490
  • AT-800 Tough Rock (10,000mAh) Php3,999 *coming soon
AT-5001 Slim-GeekEye

The most affordable of the pack – the Php1,680 AT-5001 Slim (5,300mAh)

Not bad, eh?

AT-800 Tough Rock-GeekEye.001

The waterproof, sandproof, and shockproof power bank – the AT-800 Tough Rock

For more info on these power banks, just hop on over here, where you can also buy one online.


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