Nokia X2 officially joins Nokia’s Android family of phones


Well well well. As it turns out, the Nokia X and Nokia XL won’t be the lone Android-based handsets in Espoo’s camp. Nokianatics, meet the newest addition to Microsoft’s small but definitely growing Android family of phones – the Nokia X2.

Nokia X2

Compared to its the first X, the Nokia X2 sports a slightly larger -albeit still same resolution (480×800) – 4.3-inch display (vs 4-inch), more RAM (1GB vs 512MB), a better 5MP (vs 3.15MP) main cam with LED flash (vs none), a VGA secondary camera (vs none) on the front, with a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor (vs 1GHz) chugging under the hood and a juicier 1800mAh (vs 1500mAh) battery to power it while on the go.

And for you guys who’ve got a preference for all things shiny and new, you’ll love this one – the X2 is lathered with a new translucent outer layer, making it shine (bright like a diamond) all the time.

Though yeah, it’s still not impressive by Android standards. Better, but still not the best, especially by Nokia standards.

No word on Philippine pricing and availability yet, but given its set to retail for just €99 overseas, expect this one to be just as affordable as the Nokia X.

For more on the Nokia X2, head on over here.


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