Live the life of a knight in Gameloft’s Rival Knights


Want to know what it feels like to be in the armor of Jamie Lannister?

Well, now you can live that dream in Gameloft’s new game offering – Rival Knights.


Ok, I admit. Rival Knights actually has very little to do with Jaime Lannister and the rest of the Game of Thrones kingdom.

RivalKnights_screen_04_2048x1536_EN RivalKnights_screen_01_2048x1536_EN

He is a knight, though, and that’s what I’m driving at. He’s not your typical knight, but still a knight, nonetheless.

RivalKnights_screen_02_2048x1536_EN RivalKnights_screen_03_2048x1536_EN

And that’s what Rival Knights is all about – knights and what they do best, battling it out with other knights.

Get it now for free on iOS and Android.


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