Get to know your Facebook a little bit more with Friend or Foe


How well do you know your Facebook?

I bet most of you will say you know it pretty well, but once you try out Kaspersky Lab’s Friend or Foe app, I’m willing to bet most of you will end up saying “Wow! I don’t really know it that well after all.

Kasperky Lab's Friend or Foe app

So what exactly is Friend or Foe?

Friend or Foe is an online tool that dissects your Facebook account for you. Here you can find a listing of those who’ve liked your posts the most, a tally of your follows and those who’ve unfollowed you, and a even a grouping of your friends that are potential risks to your Facebook security. Take note of the operative word – potential.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It also provides you with useful links to help you purge your Facebook of unwanted stuff, such as photos you were tagged in without your consent, unauthorized check-ins and, most important of all, apps that eventually turned out to be spam-generators.


Try it out here.

It’s free, by the way, but it’s still in beta. So don’t be surprised to encounter a few hiccups along the way.

For more info on Friend or Foe, check out the full press release below:

Friend or Foe app: Keep your Facebook friends close — and your enemies closer

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions presents FriendOrFoe – a free app for Facebook that allows users to assess just how “valuable” their friends are, and even shows what others think of them.

The app will reveal which of those hundreds of followers are genuine fans, who reposts and comments most of all in a user’s circle of friends, as well as highlighting threats to social network users, and how to keep personal information secure.

For those who like using various apps to analyze their activity, Kaspersky Lab has created a tool for collecting statistics about Facebook activity.

FriendOrFoe displays how many videos and photos a user publishes, the number of likes received and lots of other stats that may be of interest to Facebook devotees.

FriendOrFoe is currently available in English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Mexican Spanish, Arabic, and Japanese. Kaspersky Lab promises to add to the list of languages in the near future.

“The largest social network in the world is bound to attract the attention of cybercriminals. More often than not, they are on the hunt for personal data and login credentials which they can then use to access such things as your mobile banking account,” said Evgeny Chereshnev, Head of Global Mobile Business Development at Kaspersky Lab.

“It comes as no surprise then that Facebook is the most popular target for phishers: in the first quarter of 2014, 79.5% of all social media phishing attacks targeted this particular service. Apart from the entertainment aspect, FriendOrFoe delivers an important message about the possible threats a user faces in clear, simple terms,” Chereshnev added.

Security advice from FriendOrFoe


The app prompts you to check any photos you’ve been tagged in – there may be some compromising pictures.


The app lets you see if someone has checked you in without your permission and helps clean your profile of any unauthorized check-ins.

App permissions

FriendOrFoe can review all the apps you are logged in to and show what permissions you gave them.

Search history

The app will show you all the people or things you’ve searched for on Facebook. You can’t stop Facebook from storing this information, but you can erase it.

The developers will be continually improving the app’s functionality in response to user feedback.


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