WD outs My Passport AV-TV for your digital TV recording needs


Now here’s something for you guys who just can’t get enough of the boob tube – no, that’s not some porn site, you perv – the TV.

My Passport AV-TV

Meet Western Digital’s newest treat for the Philippine market, the WD My Passport AV-TV.

What’s so special about this little bugger is that it’s optimized for digital TV recording. Meaning, unlike other external storage devices (portable or not, HDD or flash) out now, the WD My Passport AV-TV is designed with high-speed error recovery and continuous streaming command support so that it can provide accurate recording and smooth playback of recorded video content.

Wait! What?! Recording from your TV?! What sorcery is this?!?

Yes. That is indeed possible, provided, of course, your TV supports it. If you do, then all you need is an external HDD – and this one from WD is well-groomed for such a task –  to hook up to your TV via USB and you’re good to go!

For a full list of TVs and other devices compatible with the My Passport AV-TV, kindly head on over here.

But I don’t have a TV with recoding functionality.

Not a problem. You can save all your prized videos, movies and TV shows on this bad boy and just plug it into your snazzy HD TV to enjoy!

You can, of course, do this with any form of external storage, but not all can provide smooth playback, which WD claims this one can deliver.

And let’s not forget – capacity.

The WD My Passport AV-TV is available in two variants – a 500GB model and a 1TB version.


SRP of the 500GB WD My Passport AV-TV is Php4,090 while the 1TB WD My Passport AV-TV is priced at Php4,990.

Yep, you read that right, kiddos. It only costs Php900 more to get the 1TB model!

Just a gentle reminder again, the WD My Passport AV-TV isn’t a recorder. Just like most WD products, this is a mere storage device, but one that’s designed for digital video recording and playback needs.

For more info, here’s the full press release below:


New My Passport AV-TV Hard Drives Plug-and-play with Recordable TVs for High-Quality Capture and Viewing of Hundreds of Hours of Entertainment

MANILA, Philippines – WD®, a Western Digital company, and world leader in storage solutions for the connected life, today introduced My Passport® AV-TV, a high-performance, compact media drive designed to simplify storage and playback of hundreds of hours of TV entertainment by connecting the My Passport AV-TV to TV’s with a USB recording feature.

The My Passport AV-TV offers plug-and-play simplicity for easy integration and is available in 500 GB and 1 TB capacities. The My Passport AV-TV is engineered for AV applications with high-speed error recovery and continuous streaming command support, providing accurate recording and smooth video playback of recorded content.

Additionally, My Passport AV-TV uses less power and stays cool – even in a hot entertainment center full of electronic devices.

The drive’s super-fast USB 3.0 connection works with recordable TVs to facilitate

storage on devices with multiple HD streams for users who connect their My Passport AV-TV to a dual-tuner television. This allows customers to store recordings from two different channels at the same time, or watch a previously recorded show while simultaneously recording a live show.

The recording function is undertaken by the TV or other USB recording device, not the My Passport AV-TV. Refer to your device’s operating manual for USB recording options. My Passport AV-TV has been designed and tested by WD to be used with certain USB recording devices. For the latest list of compatible recordable TV sets and AV devices, visit http://www.wd.com/mypassportavtv

Sleek and ultra-compact, My Passport AV-TV fits neatly in or near any entertainment center. The drive can be mounted on the back of the TV with the included, standardized  TV bracket, placed upright using the included tabletop stand, or positioned horizontally, to maximize airflow and minimize heat from other electronics near the drive.

“TV lovers want to enjoy their shows at a time convenient to them,” said Jim Welsh, WD executive vice president, Branded Products and Worldwide Sales. “Timeshifting, plus the popularity of global events and international sporting events, is increasing consumer demand for recordable TVs and optimized drives. Our customers want a fast and reliable solution. The high-performance My Passport AV-TV – specifically-designed for this application – is the result of their requests.”

Compatibility and Availability

For the latest list of compatible recordable TV sets and AV devices, visit http://www.wd.com/mypassportavtv. My Passport AV-TV will be available at select retailers and will be distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. and Iontech, Inc. Pricing for the My Passport AV-TV 500GB model #: WDBHDK5000ABK, is PhP 4,090 and the My Passport AV-TV 1TB model #: WDBHDK0010BBK, is PhP 4,990.


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