2014 MacBook Air features faster processor, lower price


Heads up, Mac heads!

There’s a new MacBook Air in town, and it’s more affordable than before.

And by new, I’m talking about a new 1.4GHz dual-core processor (vs 1.3GHz on last year’s model) chugging underneath its sleek aluminum hood.

And that’s it!

It still packs the same amount of RAM (4GB), same storage options (128GB/256GB SSD), same vid card (Intel HD Graphics 5000) and connectivity options (WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 1).

A bit of a bummer for those looking forward to a really souped-up new MacBook Air for this new year.

But here’s the other good news for penny-pinchers out there – the price drop!

Check out the 2014 MacBook Air prices below:

  • 11-inch MBA, 128GB SSD       Php44,990 (down by Php2K)
  • 11-inch MBA, 256GB SSD       Php54,990 (down by Php1K)
  • 13-inch MBA, 128GB SSD       Php49,990 (down by Php2K)
  • 13-inch MBA, 256GB SSD       Php59,990 (down by Php 1K)

Yeah, the price drop really isn’t that big, But hey, as I always say, savings is still savings.

For those interested in this new MacBook Air, you can already order yours today at the Apple Philippine Online Store. Otherwise, you can wait for it to hit local Apple retail stores.



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