The Amazing Spider-Man 2 official game out now on Android, iOS


Hey hey hey! Look who’s back!

Just in time before the showing of the brand new Amazing Spider-Man flick in Philippine cinemas, Gameloft has released the official Amazing Spider-Man 2 game for all you gamers and Marvel fan boys out there to enjoy. 

And by all, I’m talking about you iOS and Android users out there.

Sorry, Windows Phone users, it’s still not yet available for you guys. It’s coming soon though. But yeah, sadly, you’re left out in the cold for now.

Here’s its launch trailer vid to give you a sneak peek at what’s waiting after you past download:

Do note, though, this isn’t a free game.

It cost $4.99 at the App Store and Php225.82 over at the Google Play store. Needless to say, it also isn’t one of the more affordable ones too.

So, still game to give this one a go?

If you’re silently nodding your head, here are the all-important download links so you can begin your adventures as the webslinger:



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