NudeAudio launches monochrome Black collection


Yep, that’s right, boys and girls. You can now get your fave NudeAudio speakers in all-black. And best of all, it’s still pretty darn affordable.

For those of you who still don’t know who NudeAudio is, they’re one of the new kids on the block to offer up Bluetooth portable speakers in the Philippine market. And I’m not talking about run-off-the-mill Bluetooth speakers here. They’ve got one of the more decent speakers out now, and what really sets them apart from the rest of the pack, they’ve priced them pretty nicely so that most people can afford them.

Just how affordable are they?

Check out the pricing of the different NudeAudio models below:

  • MOVE S Wired – Php 1,290.00
  • MOVE S – Php 1,990.00
  • MOVE M – Php 2,990.00
  • MOVE L – Php 5,990.00

Not bad, right?

For more on these bad boys, including where you can get ’em, feel free to read through the full press release below:

NudeAudio Introduces Monochrome Black Collection

Fashion and Lifestyle Speaker Brand NudeAudio announce the arrival of their Black Collection of portable Bluetooth speakers

NudeAdio, the fashion-inspired speaker brand, is launching a new monochrome Black collection.

With the same playful nod to the fashion industry as the signature colors, the black collection of Bluetooth speakers will come in three sizes ‘S’, ‘M’ and ‘L’.

Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Old enthused, “In the fashion world, Black is a timeless classic. Having made waves with the coral and mint accent colors, we’ve chosen to introduce a monochrome black speaker for the more discerning fashionista.”

The ultra-portable speakers that are designed to fit listener’s various, size and sound needs all feature NudeAudio’s signature combination of clean, contemporary design and high quality sound.

The Bluetooth speakers use 3.0 Bluetooth Technology and will stream music from any smartphone, tablet and most computers from a 10m allowing users to have complete control from the palm of their hand. Each of the speakers has an eight-hour battery life.

Old continued: “We’re thrilled to launch our second collection of MOVE speakers into the Philippines, together with Digits Trading.   We hope that people love the stripped down design and monochrome finish as much as we do.”

The new Black collection will be available in leading stores including Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Astrovision, Astroplus, iStudio, Mobile1, Rustans, iGig, iStudio, Switch, Technoholics, District 32, Sencolink, iCon, SM MAV, JMB Albay, Red Dot, and Sole Patrol.

 NudeAudio Black Collection SRPs:

MOVE S Wired – Priced at Php 1,290.00
MOVE S – Priced at Php 1,990.00
MOVE M – Priced at Php 2,990.00
MOVE L – Priced at Php 5,990.00

For more information regarding the sales and distribution of NudeAudio products, visit or follow them at


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