Get Parallels 9 now for just Php3,990


Want to run Windows on your Mac?

It’s easy. You can use Bootcamp, a nifty feature that already comes bundled on the recent versions of OS X, to install Windows on your trusty Apple machine.

You will, however, need to reboot to switch from one OS to the other.

Parallel 9


If you don’t want the hassle of rebooting, then Parallels is the way to go.

Like Bootcamp, Parallels will help you get Windows running on your Mac. But unlike Bootcamp, no rebooting needed here. You can access your Windows OS right from the comforts of your Mac OS X desktop.

It’s not free though. But it’s not that expensive either.

Parallels 9 – that’s the latest version, by the way – is out now in Philippine stores for just Php3,990. It’s a pretty reasonable asking price, in my opinion. But yeah, free beats any price any given day.

Read more about Parallels 9 in the full press release below:

Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Seamlessly Unites Windows, Mac and the Cloud; Pushes the Envelope with up to 40 Percent Performance Improvement

Parallels recently launched Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac, which lets customers run Windows and Mac applications simultaneously on a Mac without rebooting – the award-winning and No. 1-selling Mac desktop virtualization software for more than seven years and counting. Innovative and indispensable new features include cloud storage optimizations for iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. Customers will also enjoy increased productivity with Mac OS X features like Launchpad in Windows applications and using the upcoming OS X Mavericks. For Windows 8 users, Parallels Desktop 9 incorporates the familiar and much-missed real Start menu and Windows Start button.

Everyone from business owners, to web developers, IT professionals, Mac enthusiasts, parents and students will benefit from indispensable conveniences of Parallels Desktop 9, such as improved performance, MacBook Power Nap functionality in Windows and Windows applications, connecting Thunderbolt and Firewire storage devices to a Windows virtual machine, improved security features, and increased flexibility for users with multiple monitors. Parallels Desktop 9 also enhances its support of Mac gestures inside Windows applications and offers Linux users enhanced integration with the Mac OS.

Parallels Desktop 9 also delivers much improved performance for some of the most common scenarios and operations such as 40 percent improvement in disk performance; virtual machine startup and shutdown are now up to 25 percent faster; and customers can suspend their virtual machines in up to 20 percent less time than before. 3D graphics and web-browsing were also made noticeably speedier with up to 15 percent improvements for both.

The Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac is available at PHP3, 990.

To know more about Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac please email or call 688-3180 to 83 or visit our following retail partnersSwitch,Techsavvy Gadgets Corner, Robinsons Metro EastiCenter, The Crossroads Mall, CebuGadgets in Style, Shangri-LaGadgets in Style, Trinoma.


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