Android Wear brings Android to wearables, Moto 360 leads the pack


The future of smart watches just got brighter with Google’s announcement of Android Wear, a special version of Android meant for the wearables.

Here’s a promo vid showcasing what it’ll soon bring to the table:

Nice, right?

If you like what you saw, here’s one Android Wear you can now add to your to-watch-out-for list – the Moto 360.

This is one of the first Android Wear products to be announced. The Moto 360 will alert you of incoming SMS, calls, email and other updates, and will also come with Google Now on-board.

Check it out below:

Motorola’s Android Wear-powered watch will debut in the US this Summer and will roll out to other countries soon.

With this move, Google has definitely changed the smart watch. game.

It’s your turn, Apple. What will you do now that Google has officially joined the wearable scene?


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