Marshall Major headphones unboxing, Quickie review


I know this one’s kinda old already, but still, the Marshall Major headphones takes my breathe away and I’m totally stoked to finally be the proud owner of these retro-inspired, gorgeous pair of powerful cans.

Marshall Major box contentsAside from the Major, there’s also a 6.3mm adapter and a warranty/guide that comes bundled in the package.

How is it?

One word – divine!

It’s a lot lighter than it looks and the cushioning for the ears really lives up to its billing. I could really get lost in my music wearing the Marshall Major for hours, which is more than what I can say for the other headphones I’ve got lying around the house.

And here’s what really surprised me – it sounds better than my more expensive (around Php7K) pair of cans.

There are no two ways about it . Tracks simply sounded more warm, lively and balanced with the Major.

I wish there was a way for me to share this experience with you guys ’cause, seriously, I never knew what a heavenly listening experience was until I tried these bad boys out.

And the best part – it’s retailing for less than Php5K!

Great build, great design, great performance, great price; what more can you ask for?

It’s perfect for the big boys who want big sound but want to spend as little as possible, and – guess what – it fits great for little boys too.

Marshall Major



But seriously, if I had to find a fault with the Major, it probably has to be sound isolation. The cans are a bit on the small side, which, in turn, let’s some ambient noise in. Some might find that a bit annoying, but it’s actually a pro for me. Since I can still hear nice and right while wearing the Major, I don’t end up shouting with the person I’m talking to.

Oh, and yeah, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if it also came bundled with a volume control button. Yeah yeah, I know. You can get it if you choose to buy the Major 50 FX model, but I just wish it came standard across all their models.

That’s it!

Now excuse me while I listen to “Let It Go” for the nth time on my Marshall Major headphones ’cause it just sounds more awesome with the Major.


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