iPhone 4 now Official


It was previously referred to as the iPhone 4G and iPhone HD, but now, the newest iPhone is officially known as the iPhone 4. Its new name maybe short and simple, but it’s bevy of new features definitely makes it worth watching out for.

Accented by a stainless steel band, the iPhone 4 comes clad, both front and back, in an engineered glass similar to the ones used in helicopters and bullet-trains, and is now just 9.3mm thin. Its display has also been bumped up to an astounding 960×640 resolution and 800:1 contrast ratio, and now comes with a front-facing camera for video calling (iPhone 4-to-iPhone 4, WiFi only). The rear camera is a 5-megapixel shooter with flash and is capable of 720p HD video recording. It also features a dual-mic for noise cancellation, and a 3-axis gyroscope to complement the accelerometer.

No word yet when it will become available locally, but Globe already has in stock new micro-SIM cards for use with the iPhone 4 and iPad. My guess is it’ll most likely be officially launched by Globe sometime in August or September.


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