Game! Magazine April 2010 issue now Available


The heat is on this summer as Game!’s April issue lets you in on Perfect World’s latest patch; Rise of the Tideborne. Know the new races, zones, maps, quests, monsters, and items that await PW players.

Know what’s in and what’s out as we review the latest games that are out on the market such as God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII, Aliens vs. Predator, and a whole lot more. Look back on one of the most difficult game of the past and present generation as we provide a brief history of Ninja Gaiden. We also provided a sneak preview of the latest games that will hit the market in the near future such as Iron Man 2, UFC Undisputed 2010, the suspense RPG Alan Wake, and Trauma Team. We have also provided a rundown of the games the will keep you glued to your iPhone and BlackBerry.

Game!’s April issue is available at all bookstores and newsstands near you for only PhP80.


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