Nexus One now Available at the eBuyStore for P33,200


For those who don’t want to venture out to Greenhills or the nearest mall with a tiange for mobile phones, the next best option is to just check out an online retailer for their offerings, and one of the best in this department as far as the local scene is concerned is eBuyStore. They have very competitive pricing, and as of this posting, is one of the select few (if not the only one) selling the Google Nexus One phone in the Philippines.

They have this Google-branded Android 2.1-powered HTC-made touchscreen phone retailing for P33,200.00. It’s definitely pricey, but hey, this isn’t exactly something new especially when it comes to HTC phones. If you’re willing to pay the said amount, you’ll be getting a touchscreen phone that packs a 5-megapixel AF camera with LED flash, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, 3.7-inch AMOLED WVGA display, trackball, and the latest version of Android.

You can check it out here, or if you prefer, you could wait for the HTC Desire to be released locally though there’s still no evidence yet to support this. The HTC Desire is almost identical with the Nexus One albeit coming equipped with HTC Sense and an optical trackpad.

[via technograph]


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