Globe Advisory: Warning against missed calls with +239, 00239 as prefix


For Globe subscribers, 236 is the prefix you use to avail of their P20/20 minute call rate. There are other prefixes available on Globe which you can use to get the best value for your peso when making calls, but they have, however, released an advisory warning against returning calls to numbers with +239 or 00239 as its prefix.

These are not local numbers, but are, in fact, coming from SaoTome n Prince. Calling these numbers will be charged with the corresponding IDD call rates. Here’s the full message I received from Globe:

FREE Globe Advisory: Beware of fraudulent calls! You may receive calls starting w/ nos. 00239 or +239. These are from SaoTome n Prince. If u don’t know anyone frm these countries, don’t call back missed calls to avoid getting charged for IDD calls. Call us at 211 to report fraudulent calls!

So, be careful guys. Nobody wants their load to be wasted on unnecessary, needless and fruitless calls such as this one.


25 thoughts on “Globe Advisory: Warning against missed calls with +239, 00239 as prefix

  1. Moses Namanya

    Many thanks for the tip! There is this number +2399881032 calls me often, yet I know no one in Sao Tome and Principe. Have learned to ignore it

  2. Sadat

    Yesternite I recieved amessage from +2399885038 asking me “whats your name?” I didn’t know which country it was coming from, so am so greatfull you have warned me thanks!

  3. Meldin

    Hi guys tnx for the tip, I received also I missed call from this number +2392202032 and was shocked to see such a strange number, then again tnx

  4. Carmen

    Received call from this number this afternoon and strange thing about this was the phone only rang for 3 seconds. did not even have time to answer. Thanks for these comments…I will definitely block this number.

  5. Ntombi

    I live in South Africa and I got a missed call from +2392202032 and I know no one who lives in a place where the country code is +239. So glad I googled it first before trying to call back, thanks!

  6. Exe B Hansen

    I also say thanks, to you and Google 🙂
    I am from Denmark, and just got a call today
    from +239 2202956
    Dont know enybody there 🙂
    Thanks again.

  7. jessica

    what happens if you answer the call?because i did that and there was a woman who talking a other language in 6 seconds, and then she hung up??
    please answer me

  8. Alan Booth

    I received a call from 002399618856 to say I have 7million dollars in the city bank in new york and they wanted money to release the money to me, when I asked who’s name the account is in the man hung up. I am exdirectory as well, it sounded like an African man.

  9. Appu

    002399887998 I have called this no night 1.30am I talked with leady with 40 minutes I get a mobile bill at 4000rs very next minutes of disconnected my call.fuck this no

  10. m.dkhar

    I received a missed call from the number +2399675984 this morning. I was really surprised to see such a number I never received any calls earlier. So I just ignored it as I was afraid of the phone hackers.

  11. Donald McIntyre

    I just received one from 00239 so the first think I done is cheeked it and thanks people for helping me out will be posting go the number on facebook

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