Nokia E72 now Available in the Philippines


During the launch of Nokia Messaging, I got a chance to play around with the Nokia E72.

It’s a little heavier than the Nokia E71 and slightly thicker as well, but everything else on it is definitely a step up from its predecessor. It’s now got an optical trackpad which makes navigation a whole lot easier. It also now packs a faster 600MHz processor, 5-megapixel camera, 3.5mm jack, and boasts of 10.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of the E71, you won’t be disappointed with the Nokia E72.

The SRP of the Nokia E72 is P23,230 and is available in three colors – zodium black, metal grey and topaz brown. For those looking for a better deal, online retailer eBuyStore is selling it for just P20,400. Full press release after the break.

Nokia E72 in stores now

The highly-anticipated Nokia E72, Nokia’s latest full QWERTY smartphone brings a rich mobile email and instant messaging experience right out of the box, making it the ideal device for people that want to be productive in both their personal and professional lives. To coincide with the arrival of the Nokia E72, Nokia has also released research* revealing that more people rely on email than on traditional phone calls or text messaging when sending and responding to critical information.

The research shows that people are spending an average of five full days per year – equivalent to a full work week – responding to emails. Half of us (46 percent) choose email over voice or text to send and receive important information. The Nokia E72 was designed exactly with this kind of person in mind – it allows the owner to be more responsive and communicate how they want, whenever they want and wherever they are.”

The Nokia E72 builds on the formula from Nokia’s most successful full QWERTY keyboard device, the Nokia E71, and adds important new functionality such as desktop-like email and chat experiences. Moreover, the latest version of Ovi Maps with A-GPS navigation and compass, an optical navi key and 5 megapixel camera are all packed into the sleek, beautifully-designed handset.

The Nokia E72 also comes with Nokia’s push consumer email service, Nokia Messaging, and now for the first time people can set up instant messaging (IM) directly from the homescreen, accessing communities such as Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi Chat. Just like chatting via the desktop, people can respond to friends and colleagues across multiple communities in real-time.

The Nokia E72 can also accommodate multiple work and personal email accounts and, with separate profiles for work and play, allows people to be flexible when it comes to choosing how, when, where and who to respond to. While work emails rank as the most important messages to receive, they are not necessarily the most urgent messages to respond to. According to Nokia’s research, half of respondents (49 percent) prioritise their partners ahead of their bosses or managers (29 percent), colleagues (23 percent) and even customers (31 percent).

The Nokia responsiveness research was commissioned to examine the various factors that influence how people respond to various issues and situations. In addition to the research, an online campaign at invites people around the world to respond to various issues and comments from TED fellows.

See the results of the Nokia responsiveness research in the Nokia E72 press kit

The Nokia E72 has a suggested retail price of PhP23,230 and is available at all Nokia Stores and authorized retail shops nationwide. It comes in three colors: zodium black, metal grey and topaz brown.


2 thoughts on “Nokia E72 now Available in the Philippines

  1. Nokia still has WAY too many models. If do a search on cnet, there are over 200(!) Nokia cell phones. They better learn some lessons from GM very quickly. Once you get beyond 3 or 4 basic choices it will not translate into more sales or better consumer satisfaction. It simply creates a nightmare of technical, software, logistical and supply chain support issues.

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