Sony Vaio X gets launched in the Philippines


Sony Philippines officially launched today the Sony Vaio X, the thinnest Vaio laptop to date. Measuring only 13.9mm thick, this baby hands down beats the Macbook Air in terms of sheer thinness.

VAIO X_left_open_b_black

However, its ultra-thin size does come at a price. Running on an Intel Atom processor complemented by an Intel GMA 500 graphics chips, and a starting price of P69,999, the Vaio X has got to be the second most expensive Intel Atom-based system next to the Vaio P.

VAIO X_B_RightSideOpen

However, taking a look at its other specs will sort of justify the steep pricing. Its palm rest is molded from a one-piece aluminum plate while it chassis is made out of carbon fiber. The Vaio X also boasts of SSD storage as opposed to the traditional HDD, and like most of the new netbooks that will be arriving soon, runs on Windows 7 already.

VAIO X_B_FrontAndBack

The VPCX113KG/B is the one priced at P69,999.00. It features an Intel Atom Z540 1.86GHz processor, 64GB SSD storage, VGP-BP519 (up to 3.5 hours of use), and Windows 7 Home Premium as its OS. The VPCCX117LG/B, meanwhile, will retail for P92,999.00. It comes with an Intel Atom Z550 2GHz processor, 128GB SSD, VGP-BPL19 battery (up to 6.5 hours of use), and Windows 7 Professional.

VAIO X_B_LeftSideClose

Both versions are equipped with an 11.1-inch WXGA 1336×768 TFT LED backlit display, 2GB of RAM, and WiFi 802.11 b/g/draft N connectivity. The Vaio X will also ship with the company’s new Media Gallery software which helps organize all your multimedia content and provides you with the necessary tools to have fun with them as well. The Sony Vaio X will be making the rounds in select Sony stores across the Metro later this month.

VAIO X_left_close_black

Sure, the use of SSD storage and Windows 7 is great for its overall functionality, but bottom line is it’s pricey. With that being said, given at Sony’s history and reputation, are you still surprised? Sony is a premium brand similar to Apple, and just as how Macbooks only cater to a certain segment of the market, the same is true with Sony Vaio laptops. The Sony Vaio X is certainly no exception to this rule.

VAIO X Series Press Release

Redefining the mobile PC category once again, Sony Philippines fully unveils the new VAIO X Series today. Extremely light, thin, and with long battery life, featuring wireless connection and assured high quality design and build; this is the perfect mobile notebook for business persons on the go.

Extreme design

The VAIO X Series is easy to carry around since it is not only light but also breathtakingly thin, measuring just 13.9 mm full flat, which is basically about the width of a mobile phone. Also, by changing to the optional 8-cell battery, it even lasts 16 hours of consecutive use that means the user is able to use it through a whole working day without recharging.

Powerful performance on the go

The VAIO X features a high quality wide 11.1” LCD with 1366 x 768 pixel (VAIO Display Premium, LED backlight), comfortable typing 17 mm key pitch isolation keyboard & new touch pad with convenient multi-finger gestures such as zoom and flick navigation, and various interface like VGA and LAN port and built-in webcam to enhance the essential piece of usability in business scenes. Despite the VAIO X’s extreme mobility, Sony makes sure that its powerful performance is not neglected. By the combination of the latest Intel® Atom™ Processor Z550 (2 GHz) (VPCX117LG), solid state drive, and Windows® 7, it is sure to provide a satisfactory business usage on the go. Optional accessories include a luxurious slip case in genuine leather and a dramatically styled wireless mouse.

Defined quality

VAIO’s years of advanced technology secures superb quality. Despite the VAIO X’s extreme light and slim body, you can be assured that it is sturdy and can withhold strong pressure. The groove running along the outer edge of the LCD and palm rest, otherwise known as the Rigid Arc structure, is not just a design. It is this structure that keeps distortion of the VAIO X to a minimal from external pressures. In addition, the housing is made out of carbon, and the palm rest is molded out of a one-piece aluminium plate to further increase the strength and sturdiness of the VAIO X. The PC has been put through intensive durability tests, such as 150 kgf pressure-vibration test, to prove the ability to perform in active real-life situation.

* As of October 8, 2009, among notebook PCs with screen size of 10″ or above.


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