Pre-owned Mobile phones now Available from Globe


I’ve heard of certified pre-owned cars being sold by automakers, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a local telecom firm selling pre-owned phones. Globe hasn’t gone very public with this, and I actually just found out about it while exploring their new website.

Globe pre-owned handsets

Aside from a lowered price tag, these handsets also come with a free 32K prepaid SIM. Take note though, as tempting as some of these phones are, they have a small disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating that this is on a AS IS, WHERE IS” basis and is under a NO RETURN/NO REPLACEMENT” Policy so do inspect the phone very carefully before finally deciding to buy it. Do hurry if you’re interested are stocks are quite limited. Check it out here.

Admittedly, there are stalls in Greenhills or other similar places that offer better priced second-hands phones, but this Globe pre-owned offering should serve as a nice alternative for those who feel overwhelmed by going to such places just to get a good deal on a mobile phone.


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