Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard launched in the Philippines


Here’s good news for the Filipino Mac community in the country. Mac OS X Snow Leopard has officially been launched in the Philippines, and can be had for as little as P1,690.00 (family pack retails for P2,790).

snow leopard

Apart from providing faster performance, as Jayvee notes in his review of Apple’s latest Mac OS X iteration, it also frees up 10GB of storage. That, in itself, is probably its greatest selling point. Be that as it may, it’s still not perfect. There has been some issues with regards to certain games, and it’s biggest drawback is that it no longer supports PPC-powered Mac systems. However, considering it has almost been a half a decade since Apple discontinued their PPC line, this shouldn’t affect majority of the Mac users out there right now.

I personally haven’t seen it in stores yet, but as it has already been launched locally, it shouldn’t be long now before we see this available across the nation. So, will you be upgrading to Mac OS X Snow Leopard soon or are you happy with the performance of Leopard already?


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