Poll: Paperless billing – Are you willing to go green and paperless?


Just the other day, I received an email from Globe asking me if I want to avail of their paperless billing system. This is in accordance with their commitment to pursue a greener initiative one in the local industry.

Globe Telecom

Here’s the copy of the email they sent me:

Dear Valued Subscriber,

Globe supports the advocacy to Go Green as the world combats global warming. We encourage you to join us in this advocacy by enrolling your Globe Account in PAPERLESS BILLING where you will no longer be receiving printed copies of your Globe Bills. You may continue to access your Globe Bills online thru myBill.

Globe’s myBill offers you CONVENIENCE, ACCESSIBILITY and a SECURED way of viewing your bills online! Just logon to www.globe.com.ph.

You may enroll your Globe Account to PAPERLESS BILLING by replying to this e-mail or calling our 24-hour Call-in Service listed below or you may also visit our nearest Globe Business Center.

· custhelp@globetel.com.ph
· 211 toll-free from your Globe Mobile Phone
· (02) 730-1000* from any landline

Do your part, enroll to PAPERLESS BILLING now!

*Toll-free nationwide using your Globe Landline

This is a system-generated letter. The signature of a Globe Telecom Officer is not required.

As a backgrounder, I’ve been availing of MyGlobe services for quite sometime now, and have been able to view my bills online for several years already. However, I still rely heavily on the paper-based bill since it has an accounting of all my transactions which I can view anytime without having to fire up my browser. Currently, the online billing info is PDF-based so, unless you’ve got a pretty fast connection and this isn’t even a guarantee, it does take sometime to load. Personally, until they provide a faster interface to access my bills online, I’d still stick topaper-based billing.

How about you guys? Are you ready to go paperless for the planet? Take the time to answer the poll below and let’s see what the consensus is.


3 thoughts on “Poll: Paperless billing – Are you willing to go green and paperless?

  1. arjay e. dillera

    just support the Go green campaign of Globe. nothing’s gonna happen to you if you will join to their advocate. 😀

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