Globe iPhone 3G S prices get revealed


iphone 3gs

Globe has finally released their pricing scheme for the new iPhone 3G S, and true to the earlier report, it will be available by July 31st.

Globe iPhone 3G S prices

While it may not be significantly more affordable than the current going rate for the iPhone 3G, it’s also not more expensive either given the wealth of new features packed in this latest version of the iPhone.

globe iphone 3g s prices regular plans

Reservations can be made beginning July 15th. For more info, head on over to Globe’s iPhone website.


6 thoughts on “Globe iPhone 3G S prices get revealed

  1. luisa

    I checked the prices of the Globe iphone 3gs package on and noticed that the prices listed on your blog is not matched. Are the prices on the Globe website now correct? because i asked my friend to check how much an iphone 32GB open line is in HK and it comes out PHP 50,000. In addition have a globe line as we speak, so I wouldn’t really mind availing a closed line 32GB iphone.

  2. @luisa

    which one doesn’t match? I just checked it and it’s still the same. Do note that I just made a screencap of what’s posted at Globe’s site.

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