Globe launching iPhone 3G S on July 31


Good news folks! Thanks to Yugatech, we now know that Globe will be launching the new iPhone 3G S in the Philippines on July 31.

iphone 3gs

Reservations can be made beginning July 15 by calling their hotline number at 7301000 (211 on your Globe phone), via, or visiting any Globe Business Center.

Unfortunately, pricing isn’t available yet, but nonetheless, this does give us something exciting to look forward to.

UPDATE: Pricing is now available.


3 thoughts on “Globe launching iPhone 3G S on July 31

  1. John Patrick Dela Cruz

    pricing is already available sir, see the details for the iphone 3Gs plan from Globe:

    Globe offers the iPhone 3Gs in regular postpaid plans, regular plans and prepaid kits.

    Globe Pricing Scheme:

    iPhone 3Gs Prepaid Kits
    iPhone 3GS 16GB – Php38,850
    iPhone 3GS 32GB – Php42,250

    Globe Regular Postpaid Plans (iPhone 3GS 16GB)
    Plan 500 – Php29,500
    Plan 800 – Php25,350
    Plan 1200 – Php23,100
    Plan 1800 – Php19,050
    Plan 2500 – Php11,850
    Plan 3500 – Php3,950
    Plan 5000 – Free
    Plan 7000 – Free
    Plan 10000 – Free

    Globe Regular Plans (iPhone 3GS 32GB)
    Plan 500 – Php35,100
    Plan 800 – Php30,950
    Plan 1200 – Php28,700
    Plan 1800 – Php24,650
    Plan 2500 – Php17,450
    Plan 3500 – Php9,550
    Plan 5000 – Php1,000
    Plan 7000 – Free
    Plan 10000 – Free

    link <

  2. Ricky

    what plan is the cheapest in the long run?i’m planning to avail one kasi eh…ilang years ka ba matatali sa Globe kung avail ka ng iphone 3Gs plan nila?

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