Nokia 2700 Classic, 2730 Classic, Ovi Mail get announced


I just attended a Nokia event the other day wherein Ovi Mail was formally introduced to the local market. For those of you still not aware of Ovi Mail, this is Nokia’s email service that provides users with an easy-to-use and set up online presence that’s compatible with select Nokia phones.

Ovi Mail

Several Nokia phones including the Nokia 2323 Classicand Nokia 2330 Classic already come equipped with native support for Ovi mail direct from their phone. Two new entry level phones are also on the way such, the Nokia 2700 Classic and Nokia 2730 Classic. Among the two, the Nokia 2730 is what intrigues me more as this is touted to be the most affordable 3G-capable phone from the company to date. The exact price wasn’t disclosed, but I’m guessing it should be around the P6K mark.

Nokia 2700 (left), Nokia 2730 classic (right)

Likewise, those who setup an Ovi Mail account in select Netopia branches from May 15 to June 14, 2009 will get 30 minutes free internet use in the said branch as well. Ovi Mail provides users with up to 1GB storage, spam filter, and even supports the Filipino language.

You can argue that Gmail and other email service providers now offer more storage, but how many mobile phones allow you to easily set-up an email account direct from your mobile phone? This is definitely something unique to Nokia and Ovi Mail which will allow more people to have access to email services.


14 thoughts on “Nokia 2700 Classic, 2730 Classic, Ovi Mail get announced

    • 3G is a protocol used to transfer data over the cellular network. It allows for video calls and is a much more reliable means to connect to the internet on a mobile phone as opposed to EDGE/GPRS. Apart from the aesthetic differences, the Nokia 2700 Classic comes with more internal memory (32MB) and better video capturing capabilities (15fps) as compared to the Nokia 2730 Classic’s 30MB internal memory and 10fps video recording.

  1. Irfan Abbas Pirani

    I have nokia 2700 classic and want to receive OVI mail on my mobile, can possible?

    If yes, than how can i setup.

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