A Tale of Two Phones: Nokia N79 and N85


Nokia N85 (left), N79 (right)

I recently got a chance to play around with the Nokia N79 and N85 which were both released late last year. While they may seem worlds apart because of how different they look, surprisingly, they’re almost like twins separated at birth when it comes to functionality and features.

Nokia N85 (top), N79 (bottom)

Almost every feature you can find on the N85 can likewise be found on the N79. So, if you’re contemplating on which one to get, here’s a quick rundown of some of the more unique features each phone has that the other doesn’t:

Nokia N79

  • Automatic theme change when backplate is replaced with a made-for-N79 cover
  • Fade-to-black transition when shifting from landscape to portrait mode, and from camera to phone mode
  • Pressing camera button while lens cover is closed will activate front-facing camera
  • Automatically returns to portrait mode when going to standby
  • 50MB internal dynamic memory
  • Bundled 4GB microSD card

Nokia N85

  • Brilliant AMOLED display
  • MicroUSB port used for charging and syncing
  • Comes with TV-out cable
  • 74MB internal dynamic memory
  • Bundled 8GB microSD card

Apart from that and their price, everything is almost identical between the two. From the 5-megapixel autofocus Carl Zeiss Tessar lens camera to its various connectivity options, what the N85 has to offer, the N79 has it as well.

Nokia N85 (top), N79 (bottom)

Which begs the question; with a P5K difference between the SRP of the two, the N85 obviously being more expensive, which one will you most likely get? Being the thrifty buyer that I am, I’d go for the N79, but that’s just me. How about you guys, which one will you choose to buy?


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