iPhone 3.0 previewed; MMS, Cut/Paste, Tethering Confirmed


There’s reason to be excited about iPhone firmware 3.0, and MMS, cut/copy, and paste, and tethering is just the tip of the iceberg.


Apple has just preview this upcoming firmware release, and it is undoubtedly shaping up to be the most impressive iPhone OS iteration to date. Granted that it would have been better if these were already standard when the 3G iPhone was released last year, as the old cliche goes, it’s better late than never.

Here’s a rundown of some of the goodies you can expect from iPhone OS 3.0 when it’s finally released later this year:

• Cut, copy and paste.
• MMS with message forwarding and deleting of multiple messages
• Bluetooth stereo A2DP
• Tethering
• New Spotlight feature for universal search on the iPhone/iPod Touch
• New Voice Memos app
• Revised Stocks app – includes news stories and supports landscape view
• Calendar now supports CalDAV and subscriptions in the .ics format
• Landscape view for Mail, Text and Notes
• Note syncing to Mac and PC
• Parental controls for TV shows, movies and App Store apps
• Auto-login for WiFi hotspots
• Unlocked Bluetooth for 2G iPod touch
• Shake the shuffle iPod playback
• Phishing protection
• Form auto-fill
• YouTube account support

Similarly, they’ve also announced new features that developers can take advantage of that will definitely pave the way for a whole new set of apps for the iPhone:

• Push functionality
• Peer-to-peer Bluetooth connectivity for gaming and info-swapping.
• Paid apps can be subscription fee-based, and include option to buy content directly from inside the app.
• New apps can use Google Maps, and make turn-by-turn available apps for the phone.
• Developers can integrate hardware accessories support via Bluetooth or dock for their apps now
• Streaming video and audio can be included in apps as well as in-game voice use

The iPhone 3.0 SDK is now available for download while the iPhone firmware 3.0 will be released in the summer and will also be compatible with 1G iPhones albeit lacking MMS and A2DP support due to hardware limitations. While this is free for iPhone owners, iPod Touch users will still have to pay $9.95 to avail of this update.

Not bad, don’t you think? However, we’re pretty sure skeptics can still find some flaws in Apple’s latest firmware despite all of the goodies that has just been announced. How about you guys, what you think iPhone OS 3.0 is still missing?


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