iPhone firmware 3.0 coming soon


Apple has just announced an event on March 17 where they will reveal details regarding the upcoming iPhone 3.0 firmware, and I’m pretty sure, developers, consumers, and even hackers will be keeping an eye out for this one.


We’re still not yet sure what they’ll be including in this new firmware, but with MMS, cut/paste, push notifications and multitasking yet to become available on the iPhone, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

The Mach 17 event is just a preview of the firmware so don’t expect it to go live this month. I’m guessing it’ll probably go live sometime in June which should give developers ample to time to tweak their apps so that it can advantage of whatever new features firmware 3.0 will come with.


One thought on “iPhone firmware 3.0 coming soon

  1. Hopefully MMS will be there. A major release has been needed for a while, unfortunatley this could be the end for jailbreaking and unlocking. At least for a while…

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