Smart Bro Share It Wireless Router for Multiple users


Now this is something that will definitely help drive up Smart Bro subscriptions.


Offering a new alternative to the usual 3G/HSDPA USB modem, Smart has come out with a wireless router called the Smart Bro Share It. It can accommodate up to 5 computers which is probably more than enough for personal use only.

Here some details as posted on Yugatech‘s blog:

Smart Bro Share It is available with a Plan 999 monthly subscription, which comes with up to 90 hours of Internet access, at speeds of up to 2 mbps in key cities in the country. Usage in excess of 90 hours will be charged P.35 for every minute.

Initial cash-out for the 12-month subscription is Php3,499, which includes the one-time payment of Php2,500 for the device, plus the first month’s fee of Php999. The monthly subscription fee is Php999.

No word yet if Globe or Sun will be offering a similar device, but this one is more useful than the new Tattoo USB modem released by Globe.


5 thoughts on “Smart Bro Share It Wireless Router for Multiple users

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