3G iPod Shuffle comes with VoiceOver; costs P4,190.00


For the most part, my only gripe about Apple’s iPod Shuffle is that you can’t tell what song you’re listening to since it doesn’t come with a display. However, Apple has finally come out with a solution to address this problem in the 3rd generation iPod Shuffle.

iPod Shuffle VoiceOver

The new VoiceOver feature lets the Shuffle tell you the title or artist of the song with just a single press of a button. With the exception of the shuffle toggle switch, the new Shuffle also does away with any physical buttons on it, and bundles it all up into the new earphones. The obvious downside to this is that you won’t be able to use just any regular 3rd party earphones or accessories with it since the controls won’t be present anymore.

3g iPod Shuffle

Design-wise, this has got to be the sleekest iPod Shuffle to date. It actually looks like a cross between the 1st generation and 2nd generation Shuffle as it brings back the stick form factor, but now integrates a brushed metal finish to its body. Capacity-wise, 4GB should be enough for most users.

3G iPod Shuffle

It’s available in black or silver for P4,190.00 (with free shipping) from the Philippines Apple Online Store.


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