HTC launches Trade to Upgrade Promo


If you’ve been wanting to buy an HTC phone, you might be interested to know that HTC Philippines is now having a Trade to Upgrade promo.


Got this bit of news from the Windows Mobile Community. Just trade in a working/non-working PDA/PDA Phone and you can avail of a P10,000 discount when you pay cash for the HTC Touch HD or Touch Pro. Trade-in a working mobile phone (charger included) and you’ll receive a P5,000 discount on the HTC Touch 3G or HTC Touch Viva. Other working electronic gadgets such as MP3 player/ Digital Camera (Unit/Charger/Battery) may also considered, but I’m not sure how much discount you can get for it. Customers must present a valid I.D to avail of the promo so as to avoid fraud or theft accusations for traded gadgets. This is an on-going promo that will last until March 31, 2009.

So basically, here’s what you’ll end up paying:

Touch HD PDA/PDA phone trade-in price: P45,900 (SRP:P55,900)

HTC Touch Pro PDA/PDA phone trade-in price: P40,800 (SRP: P50,800)

HTC Touch 3G Mobile phone trade-in price: P27,900 (SRP: P32,900)

HTC Touch Viva Mobile phone trade-in price: P16,900 (SRP: P21,900)

Click to enlarge

Trade in partners include Digital Walker, Avant, Premium Logic, Mobile 1, Xsite, Pods, and 5th Ave just to name a few. Click on the image above to view the other partners and their contact details. Click to enlarge


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