HP Mini netbooks can run 3 different versions of Windows 7


According to HP’s Kyle Thornton, their HP netbook line can support at the very least three versions of the upcoming Windows 7 OS. This much he revealed in an interview with Computerworld.

HP Mini compatible with 3 variants of Windows 7

The obvious version is, of course, the Starter edition which is actually meant for netbooks, but aside from that, the HP Mini line can also run the Home Premium edition as well as the Professional version. With so many praising Windows 7 this early on for being more resource-friendly and working almost seamlessly across a variety of hardware environments, we’re more than inclined to believe him.

No word though on whether they’ll be offering the next generation of HP Mini netbooks in all three Windows 7 variants or not, but Thornton does “hope” to still provide consumers with the choice to either go with Win XP or Vista even if Windows 7 has been released. That sounds like a solid game plan, but I think it’ll be more up to Microsoft than HP if Vista or XP will still be made available once Windows 7 has been outed already.


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