Rumor: 3 new iPhones to be released in 2009


Even though Macworld 2009 pretty much squashed any speculation last year that Apple will be releasing an iPhone Nano release, the rumors just seem to never end. As a matter of fact, not only is the iPhone Nano rumor still alive and kicking, but 2 new iPhone iterations are now speculated to debut this year as well totalling 3 new iPhones for 2009.


More specifically, a 32GB iPhone available in different color variants and a non-3G iPhone that’s more affordable are now being rumored to be unveiled this year along with the iPhone Nano. All of this is according to Peter Misek, a Canaccord Adams analyst. His predictions are based on the continuing decline in the demand for the iPhone, but unfortunately, he is not Apple nor is he an employee of the company. He could be spot on with this prediction or be totally way off with Apple opting to just gut it out with their existing iPhone version. Personally, I think a 32GB version is indeed on its way though I highly doubt that any other colored variants apart from the white/black will become available.

Be that as it may, these rumors do give us hope that a new iPhone will become available this year. Whether it be a 32GB variant, an iPhone Nano or non-3G iPhone, I’ll be happy to see any of the three debut this 2009.


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