Goodbye Asus, Hello Garmin-Asus mobile phones


In a bid to further make an impact in the mobile phone industry, Garmin and Asus have joined forces to create a new line of mobile phones the first of which is the nuvifone G60.


The nuvifone G60 is actually just the Nuvifone which Garmin had already unveiled in the past but never quite released to the public. Now, with the help of Asus who, in their own way, has some credible experience in the mobile phone biz tucked under their belt, 2009 is the year the nuvifone G60 will finally hit the market. There’s also a rumor that a second mobile phone will be unveiled at the WMC, but there’s hardly any details available on that one to really get us excited. Several other phones under the new brand name are slated to be released this year as well though no specific roll out dates were given.

With the announcement of the new partnership, this also ends the Asus-only brand of mobile phones. Whether they will be focusing their efforts on specific markets only or not is still yet to be known, but with both companies working together to achieve a common goal, I’m very optimistic of their chances in making a name for themselves in the industry similar to how Sony Ericsson is now a recognized brand all over the world.


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