Toshiba TG01 Touchscreen phone: Enter the Snapdragon


The World Mobile Congress is fast approaching, and apart the phones that the big names in the industry such as Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson will be showcasing, the one from Toshiba is definitely on my to-watch-out-for list. Toshiba isn’t exactly a rookie when it comes to making phones. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has yet to get to try out one since most, if not all, of their phones are only limited to Japan.


The TG01 aims to change all that as it will be released globally, and could give the iPhone some serious competition. The Toshiba TG01 comes with a 4.1-inch WVGA touchscreen display, HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, Windows Mobile 6.1 with Toshiba’s very own 3D UI, and features a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It also come with a camera though the megapixel rating is still yet to be known. Measuring at a mere 9.9mm in thickness, this has got to be one of the thinnest touchscreen phones of today.

Here’s a video of the Toshiba TG01 live in action:

No word yet on when it will exactly hit the various markets across the globe, but we’ll probably get more details regarding this matter when the WMC finally kicks off where it is expected to make an appearance.


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