Of Mice and Men


Probably one of the most underrated PC components is the mouse.  While its main function is not so critical to the over-all performance of a computer, it does provide users with an indespensable tool to work more efficiently.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to review a handful of mice for Game! Magazine. Even though the main focus of the magazine is to provide readers with the latest and coolest gaming peripherals and hardware reviews, you cannot discount the fact that these mice can also get the job done in a more serious environment.

Among the best mice I’ve chanced upon are the Razor line of gaming mice. They not only look good, but also come with an array of extra buttons that can be programmed to perform commonly executed tasks whether in game play or normal PC usage. There’s a scroll wheel, the usual left and right buttons, plus the added set of buttons located at the side. The only downside to it is probably the lack of a cordless option (or maybe I just haven’t reviewed it yet). For an average price of over P3K, I would at least have expected it to be cordless by now. Nevertheless, their impressive line-up of mice lives up to the expectations of what a full-featured computer mouse should be.  

Personally, I use a Logitech MX600 cordless mouse. I got it primarily because it was cordless, but I enjoy the the added side buttons that help me navigate through webpages quickly with just a single press of a button.

So the next time you go out in search of your next computer mouse, try looking for one that provides more than the usual features. The added functionality may cost more, but the convenience it’ll provide you to work more efficiently is definitely worth it.


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