uMobile SIM unpacking


I’ve finally received my uMobile SIM yesterday. True to their word, it was delivered to my doorstep within the week. A CSR called last Monday to inform me that my application was approved and that they just needed to confirm my address so that it can be delivered accordingly.

Changing the Mobile Network landscape

So, here’s my lilttle SIM unpacking for my initial review of the newest mobile network player in town, uMobile.

uMobile SIM still packed

The SIM pack is pretty straightforward. There are no additional documents that will offer you ringtones and other similar services. It’s just the packaging with a brief welcome and a rundown of available services that the network provides on it; and of course, the SIM.

Welcome to the world of uMobile

I like it. There’s no unwanted SPAM included which more often than not, only ends up in the trash anyway. I just wish they included some more instructions such as how to check your available balance on the mobile phone as there is no single way to go about it.

The uMobile SIM

However, if you’ve been able to visit their website, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of their service are available online. You can check your balance there, and even change your mobile number. There are a lot of features pertaining to your account that can be accessed throught their site, and safe to say, they have one of the most feature-packed customer-friendly mobile network sites I’ve seen.

I’ll post a my uMobile usage review after I get to used it more in the coming months.


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