3G iPhone: The 1.5Gen is Here


More features at a cheaper price

Finally, Aple has released the 3G iPhone which personally, I call the 1.5Gen iPhone. Why so? Well, quite honestly, the improvements are most welcome, but they still leave much to be desired and I think that there should have been more changes done to it to merit the title 2nd Generation.

The Good

It’s now 3.5G capable which means you can surf the net at more decent speeds in the absence of a Wi-Fi network. It also now comes with two colors to choose from: black or white. The redesigned exterior, while looking almost identical to the first version front-wise, has a more plush look to it once viewed from the rear. Enterprise features are now standard in the package which makes it more appealing for the modern business man on the go. There’s also a SIM ejector inlcuded in the box as well as a more compact wall charger. Finally, we can’t leave out the fact that it’s now cheaper that almost anyone can afford it and it’s set to debut worlwide this year. No more long wait (read: a year or two) for it to reach the Philippines.

Looks the same, but better performance

The Bad

The camera’s still the same. Not that 2-megapixels is bad, but with the competition stepping up, they could have at least improved on it by adding megpixels or built-in software for added functionality. While the rear looks more sleek, it’s now curved like the Treo which, in turn, means it won’t be compatible with 1st Gen iPhone docks and cases. Plus, with the glossy finish, it’ll definitely be a finger-print and dust magnetStorage capacity is still the same. Is that really so bad? Probably not since given that it is the most massive mobile phone to hit the market, but in the context of Apple products, it’s lagging behind its iPod sibling, the iPod Touch. It also still lacks support for MMS and a 2nd camera for video calling. Personally, I don’t use these two features as much, but it would have been good to include them since this is a new version of the phone. The in-box accessories were also cut to a minimum with the exclusion of the dock.


While I feel that this 3G iPhone doesn’t have what it takes to be considered as a 2nd Generation unit, it is, nevertheless, still a good deal. Provided that telcos don’t stray far from the $ 299 (16GB) tag price, it’s cheaper or almost the same as most phones in its category. Just a reminder: eventhough it’s now 3G capable, I still feel that the iPhone is not for everyone. If you’re what we call a text-addict or MMS freak, I think it’s better if you stick with Nokia or other known brands. However, if you’re looking for a phone/portable internet device/iPod, then this is your baby.


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