NBI raids 6 Power Mac Centers



While this bit of news didn’t garner much mileage with its brief stint on prime time television, the raid of the NBI on 6 Power Mac Center branches did gather much heat from Apple fanboys and customers alike. Both Philmug and Podcentral have devoted threads to the controversial event which have managed to spark various opinions on the whole fiasco.

Some dissatisified customers of Power Mac feel that it was just a matter of time before the establishment was foiled partly due to the negligence and carelessness of its staff while others can emphasize with the store proposing that this was an extortion job in the works.

The lack of media attention is a double-edged sword that works for and against the bewildered establishment. No further details are available to the public as to the status of the case except for the reported charges of using illegally dowloaded music from the internet. However, this also serves as a deterrent from further embarrasment as only a limited number of individuals know of the event and most of them are frequent readers of the said forums.

My personal take on this is that it is an open ended book that’s waiting for a conclusion. Both the NBI and the establishment have further explaning to do.

Was there substantial amount of pirated material found in the computers they confiscated? What’s the status of the case now? Was Power Mac aware of the existence of such material on their computers? When will they release an official statement regarding this matter? How will this affect the relationship of Apple Inc. and the local distributors?

More questions are raised because of this whole hullaballoo, and we are all waiting for answers.

Hopefully, this will all be answered, but the reality of the whole situation is that this issue may not see an early conclusion any time soon.


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