Level Up! Mobile


The next phase in MMORPG gaming 

Get ready for the fusion of MMORPG and mobile technology as Level Up! together with Smart Telecom brings you Level Up! Mobile.

It provides the Level Up! gamers with the necessary tools to be in complete control over his/her Level Up! account regardless of whether he/she is in front of the computer or on the road. In just a matter of a few steps, one can easily download the Level Up! menu to their Smart SIM and link it to a Level Up! account so that one can manage it while on the go and lock it for peace of mind against potential hackers. No need to memorize keywords because all the service options will be available in the downloaded menu that’ll be saved on your SIM.

JC Medina, Level Up! New Media Director explains this latest service 

Just send LEVELUP to 299 to download the Level Up! Menu to your phone and MYLU LINK <username> <password> to 299 to link your account to your mobile phone. Just take extra care of your phone from then on because Level Up! employs a one-is-to-one correspondence between accounts and mobile phones which basically means you can’t link your account to more than one mobile phone.

For full coverage of this amazing innovation, watch out for it in the upcoming issue of Mobile Philippines, and for the latest gaming news, check out the Game! Magazine blog.


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