Touch me now!


Touch me now! 

For those who have patiently been waiting for the iPod Touch, we are happy to announce that PowerMac Center has this latest baby in stock already.

However, before you go spending your hard-earned money over this gorgeous multimedia player, why not head on over to iLounge and read their little piece about the Ten Things You Need to Know about the iPod Touch. They give you a run down on some little tidbits about this new iPod that can easily be overlooked and might otherwise make you think twice before getting yourself one.

On a personal note, one thing that’s really enticing about the Touch (and the iPhone) is the Internet experience it’s capable of providing. However, as I quickly found out during the product briefing, the Touch isn’t capable of downloading files to the device. Ouch! While it does provide an unmatched Internet experience, it still has its limitations which, quite frankly, turned me off despite its overwhelming beauty. So for now, I’ll probably sit this one out and wait for the next gen to come out.


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