The Two Towers


Errr…not the movie. I’m talking about the two dominant rival telco networks in our country: Globe and Smart. While most people don’t really give a hoot which network to go for, let me point out some little tidbits that might make you choose one over the other depending on your lifestyle.


As far as data plans go such as 3G and WAP, Smart has the most reasonable prices considering that they charge you based on a per 30-minute basis and not per byte or per minute. If you get logged off before your 30 minutes is over, you won’t be charged again the next time yo use their data services until the your entire 30 minutes is consumed.

For now, Smart is also the only telco offering Mobile TV or a very attractive price that’s available for both post-paid and pre-paid users. Video quallity is far superior compared to streamed videos and cost is on a monthly basis allowing you unlimited use for an entire month.

It also seems that Smart has more loading outlets across the country, at least visibility wise. So, if you’re a pre-paid user, this will be very helpful especially if you’re in dire need of load.


If data rates are the ace up Smart’s sleeves, then call rates are the one for Globe. They have this scheme wherein you dial 235 plus the 10-digit number then you get charge P 10 for the first 3 minutes and then the regular call rate for every minute after that. You can also dial 232 plus the 10-digit number for a per second charging of P .10/second. This is of course limited to Globe-to-Globe calls only, but nevertheless, a cool budget saver for the frugal cell phone user.

One thing that I’ve always liked about Globe is their customer service support. You can call them up either from your cell phone (toll free) or a landline anytime of the day, anytime of the week and they’re their to help you out. No busy signals, no connection errors.

They also occasionally give out great rewards for loyal postpaid users such as monthly rebates or handsets whichever you prefer. Depending on how long you’ve been with them and your monthly consumption, they will offer you a corresponding monthly rebate or handsets to choose from. Unfortunately, as I have noticed in the past couple of years, this promo or scheme is not announced to the public so it’s best to check with their customer service from time to time if there is such a promo that is currently in effect.

So depending on how you use your mobile phone will largely dictate which network is better. If you plan to use mostly for data services such as WAP or browsing the internet, then Smart would be the best way to go, but you’re the type who often makes calls and has a lot of contacts who are on Globe, then Globe seems to have the edge in this department.


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