Smart MyTV: my Impression


Nokia N92
Prior to the last two weeks, my last encounter with the Mobile TV service was back in Boracay when a handful of us writers were priviledged enough to be invited by Smart to witness the birth of their latest service. It’s been several months after and the service has been given a name and officially been launchd to the public.

Unfortunately, much to my dismay, the actual service being offered to the public was not what I expected and hoped it would be. In all fairness to Smart, the technology behind it is nothing less than brilliant.

It’s actually up to the service provider to package this service in an attractive combo so that it will not actually look like another add on that is a complete waste of money. Sad to say, with the current line up of channels available, it just seems that way.

There are a couple of things that, in my opinion, would make it more enticing. A package consisting of a movie channel (foreign and local), a sports channel, news channel, lifestyle or enertainment channel and local channel will not only look good and worthy of purchasing, but will be very useful as well. It basically covers all possible interests, plus a local channel that can give the user local news and updates which will be of great use in times of emergency such as black outs due to calamities.

For now, the only local channel is a local movie channel and it also serves as the only movie channel in the line up. CNN is the current news channel, but it serves little purpose for local events. Other channels such as National Geographic, History Channel and CNBC are nice to have, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them as deal breakers.

Maybe my assessment is premature considering that the service is still in its free or preview stage, but hopefully, when they do start charging customers for this service, they offer a better channel line-up that will indeed be worth every centavo.


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