Recycling: the Creative Way


What do you do with a couple of hundred Itanium CPUs that are scheduled to be discarded due to your office’s decision to upgrade its hardware?


If you’re like me, I’d just throw it out or sell to a local junk shop to earn a few bucks; but if you were Matt Tovey, he’d make a spanking new desktop that oozes with geek appeal to its very edges.


Making use of just 434 CPUs, some glass and additional wood, he was able to come up with a desktop table that looks so hardcore and unique, you’d wish it was available in your local computer shop. Unfortunately, it’s one of a kind. With a little ingenuity, creativity and a lot of patience, his hard work paid of in this uber hot piece of furniture that he can proudly say as his own.  

Good work dude!


So the next time you decide to throw away your outdated hardware, pause and think for a moment. Maybe you can think of some marvelous idea to put it to better use than just making it another statistic in the pile of garbage that’s polluting out planet.


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