Not so Smart after all…


As I was reviewing the N92 for the upcoming issue of Mobile Philippines, I encountered a small dilemma while accessing the Mobile TV function of the phone. So, I tried reviewing the FAQs pamphlet to check for an immediate solution, but I still couldn’t make it work. Logically, I proceeded to calling their customer service for help.

They asked me to reconfigure the 3G and GPRS settings via text which I personally I found a waste of time since prior to today, the Mobile TV service was working fine, so I don’t see the rationale behind reconfiguring the settings; but nevertheless, I indulged the request of the CSR. She then told me to request a new subscriptionafter recieving and activating the new settings, so I did. (Everything the CSR requested was in the FAQs pamphlet)

Unfortunately, everytime I sent a request, I always received a request failed message stating a server error. So I called up customer service again stating my new problem. She then told me that it will take 24 hours for the 3G settings to be actived, and only then will my new subscription be accepted by the system.

This answer annoyed me primarily because Smart had every chance to inform me either through the FAQs or text that it will take 24 hours for the new settings to be fully activated, but no. You have to call up their customer service just to know why the service still isn’t working and find out that despite receiving a text message saying that your 3G is activated already, it really isn’t.


Why bother in coming up with FAQ pamphlets and text message advisories if you won’t state everything the customer should REALLY know? How Smart is that?


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