Satan is Smiling. Why?


Satan's bike 

If Satan where among us today, he would definetly be smiling once he saw what Intel and Orange County Choppers, OCC, has come up with.

 Dubbed as Satan’s ride, this snazzy looking bike has integrated Intel Quad core processors that functions as the brain controlling the various functions of the four cylinder dual V-twin motors to enable a new level of performance.

 It also has rear-view cameras in place of mirrors and a touch panel console at the helm to complete the futuristic look of the bike. This console, however, can also be detached as it is a computer on its own. One of the first rugged, ultra-mobile personal computers, it runs on the Intel Celeron platform and functions as a tablet PC when it’s not connected to the chopper. Security is no issue as it uses finger-print recognition to identify the rider and start the engine.

Seldom do you find a product that exudes both geek and masculine appeal at the same time. This is definitely one of those moments.

 For more info on the bike and Intel, you can get more details on their official site.


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