Ninetendo's WiimoteMany would agree that the Wii is an amazing gaming device, but the true hero of the console is really the Wiimote. Aside from its obvious function as a gaming paraphernalia, it does, however, have other useful abilities.


For instance, you can use it as a portable remote control for your presentations provided, of course, that your laptop has Bluetooth communication. How is this possible? With the help of some ingenious software like DarwiinRemote for Mac and WiinRemote for Windows, your Wiimote transforms itself into a wireless remote for your laptop/computer. Simply sync your Wiimote with the computer and presto! You’ve got yourself a fine-looking remote at your disposal!

What’s the secret? Well, it’s really pretty simply. All the motion sensors are built into the Wiimote and not the Wii console. So, all you have to do is enable your computer with a software to interpret all the data the Wiimote is sending, and you’ve got yourself a Wiimote enabled computer. Of course, Bluetooth plays an essential role to run this trick and with the prevalent prices of electronic device at an all-time low, now is the best time to invest in one.


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